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Hexagonal Water

According to studies, hexagonal water has been proven to be effective in the prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes, aging, and AIDS. It is known that most diseases, except those stemming from pathogenic bacteria, are caused by pollution of the blood. Since the human body consists of mostly water, and organisms depend on the condition of the water in the cells, we can assume that diseases are often due to abnormalities in the water condition in the body. Furthermore, environmental pollution weakens the cohesive power of water molecules, and when we consume such polluted fluids, we are at risk of disease. Hexagonal water is believed to activate the enzymes that remove harmful free radical oxygen in the body.

Hexagonal (or magnetized) water is not a medicine but an effective medium against certain diseases, playing a preventative medical role by enhancing the resistance and immunity capabilities of the human body. As such, this water then demonstrates natural healing properties. It has been proven that those who drink hexagonal water are significantly healthier than those who drink tap water.

In addition, using hexagonal water may enhance the taste and flavor of coffee, tea, and cooked food. Also, giving hexagonal water to plants, and to fish and other animals may result in better growth and health. When given to pets such as cats and dogs, the animals are healthier, e.g., have glossier coats and greater energy, and their excrement is relatively odorless.

Applying hexagonal water to the human skin gives a better cosmetic effect and improves skin condition. Hexagonal water is a beauty-enhancing product effective in reducing skin wrinkles. Skin aging is due to loss of water content and loss of elasticity of the skin which is mostly composed of collagen protein. Hair loss and dryness associated with "aging" is due to loss of moisture. Consuming hexagonal water every day will enable a continuous supply of moisture and nutrients to skin cells and hair follicles, reducing the effects of so-called aging.

High quality drinking water has to meet the following conditions to be classified as Hexagonal Water:

(1) an energetic, clean and living water with maximum dissolved oxygen
(2) necessary amounts of minerals, such as hexagonal structure making Ca2+ ions, dissolved in the water
(3) alkaline water with at least a pH 7.4
(4) cooled near to freezing.

Present scientific applications for getting water to a special and supernatural condition are being competitively utilized. Particularly noteworthy is the principle of creating much activity and energy in the function of ionized water; a physical and electromagnetic energy put into the water creates a homeostasis (balance good for the human body) with the necessary dissolved substances. The far infra-red waves are shot at the molecules of water and the ionized minerals are promoted while the quantity of hexagonal is increased.

Water is essential in order to sustain life. Water is involved in every process occurring in humans, plants, and animals. Without water there can be no life. If the vwater quality is bad or unclean, life will be adversely affected.

Ancient Man has maintained that water is one of the key elements which cause natural phenomena. Ancient Chinese philosophy evolves around the idea of the five atmospheric elements--water, fire, earth, metal and wood. If life is to be healthily achieved, these five elements must be in constant balance and harmony. In its macro concept, the condition of these atmospheric elements determines the state of the earth and universe. In its micro concept, the elements' condition determines the life quality of a human being, plant, or animal in a given environment.

It is fortunate that we humans are capable of insuring, through scientific understanding, the integrity and health of the key element, water, for human consumption. That is the mission of Alkapuro Water.

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